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Welcome! Our Potential for life and experience are larger than most are aware. This site offers classes, therapy, resources and a paradigm for accessing the whole wisdom of the body, mind, spirit & universe. Redefine the human psyche and the capacity for life and healing. 

Somatic philosophies and practices help us honor all that we are and appreciate the resources we have. Change is possible and learning and growth are the nature of life. Empower your journey and allow life to move through in radiant health and flow.



Are you looking for therapy that goes deeper than words? The talk of therapy is important, but the nervous system and soul need tools to release and return to goodness and truth. We will listen deeply to whatever is arising in your life and connect to the wisdom of your whole self to guide your healing.

Return yoga to its roots as participation with life. So long as you can breathe, you can do yoga. Start where ever you are and engage fully and compassionately with the journey of your life. In addition to wise care for the body, these classes acknowledge the importance of the soul, community, and personal connection in the practices of yoga.


About Laura

Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht. is a writer, therapist, and somatic educator who has studied body, mind and spirit healing arts for twenty years. She works one on one with people to support their healing and transformation through the wisdom of the body, spirit and breath. Laura also works with groups through yoga, meditation, breathwork and organizes children's programs in Embodied Gymnastics that integrate technical gymnastics with somatic principles and ancient knowledge. She believes that, through movement, effort, and metaphor, we have the power to change our own life–and maybe more than that.

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