The Subconscious

The subconscious is everything under our threshold of awareness. We have access, but may not notice the affect it has. It includes layers of memory, learning, patterns, paradigms, assumptions, culture, and dreams. As the entry to a larger part of ourselves, it is also the door to the mythic, poetic, and archetypal. It is a fluid space linking conscious to the unconscious and cosmos and our individual experience to the whole of everything.

The subconscious affects what we are aware of and what we feel. Memories and deep impressions are stored here from this whole life and the generations. Known to be the space where fears and traumas reside, the subconscious sometimes gets a bad wrap. While contents of the subconscious must heal in order to come into alignment with what is desired, the filter of fear must heal as well so that we can begin to know the goodness of life and our deepest self. While there may be unhelpful impressions in your subconscious that need to shift, more than anything, the subconscious is the entry to the infinite reservoir that enlivens us. This wisdom beats your heart without you ever having to try. The subconscious is wisdom beauty and perfection of the universe in your trillions of cells, unfolding inside you.

You may have heard the subconscious described as your life script or blue print. It holds the resonance and impressions of all we have learned and all we have come to expect of ourselves, others, and the world. These impressions go back to our first breath, our time in the womb, our conception, and further than that. Whatever memories and understandings of life, self, and others are impressed on the subconscious are repeated. Even when we consciously want our experience to be different, the beliefs of the subconscious manifest in our lives. In order for our experiences to shift, our subconscious must shift. The process begins when a glimpse of deeper truth comes in: you are more than anything you have ever experienced. This begins the repair of relationship with self, life, others, spirit, and god. 

Because of the largeness of the subconscious, conscious efforts alone will usually fail. Will power or cognitive understanding alone are not enough. When cognitive processes don't work, it is not your fault. An alignment of with the subconscious and cosmos is required

We seek help due to mismatch between our conscious desires and our subconscious impressions. Conscious desires points to spiritual Truth, but the subconscious stands in the way, calling us back to complete the lessons of this life. You want to improve the circumstances of your life but, when you try, feelings of unworthiness come up, or impressions of "it's too hard" or "why bother?" These impressions are from the past, maybe from your birth or traveling through your family for generations, but when they arise, the feel like the truth of the present. It would be easy to give up. However, that spark of desire in the conscious mind resonates with the Truth of who you really are. With support and practice, this Truth can heal generations of distortion and pain.

We may use movement or therapy to heal, or we may use it to expand and reinforce our joy. The goal is to unite the powers of our conscious, subconscious, bodymind and cosmos, allowing us to feel more of the vastness of our existence, and the truth of what we really are. 

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