The words commonly translated as "mindfulness" are Sati (Pali) and Smṛti स्मृति (Sanskrit) meaning "to remember". Meditation is a practice of returning home to yourself and remembering the deep truths that may have been forgotten for a while. These definitions make it clear that meditation is a power already inside you. Even when it feels like you are far away from the peace and strength you know yourself to be, it is the tiniest shift that will get you back home. Tools can help us reclaim more of ourselves and improve our ability to shift. Practices help us bring these positive states into everyday ways of being.

Some people think of meditation only in terms of quiet states of being. They think of a monk off on a mountain top and think, "that sounds boring" or feel that they could never meditate because they can't stop their mind. While it is important to pause each day in stillness and silence to remember the beingness that underlies it all, we actually need access to a whole rage of states - not just the ones glowing on a mountain top. Just as peace, safety, love, and compassion are your truths, courage, strength, focus, and passion are your truths also. Depending on our life so far, we may only be associated to certain definitions of ourselves. The "remembering" aspect of mindfulness is to bring all of our parts back together so that you have the freedom that comes in being able to access the right state at the right time; engaging in the world and being deeply connected to the peace underneath it all.

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