Life calls to us through circumstances, symptoms, intuitions, memories, hopes, & dreams – there is great strength in acknowledging these cues. I work in modalities that access the wholeness of body, mind, emotions, spirit and the universe. These forms listen deeply for what is asking to heal & believe in the ability to do so. 

If are interested in sessions or have questions, contact Laura at 310)753-3386. We can start by talking via phone and see if this is a good match for you.

Sessions are regularly available in Silverlake, West Los Angeles, and via Skype. Payment is accepted by cash, check, online, Cash App or Venmo.

• Somatic Sessions: These one-hour and twenty minute sessions include verbal counsel followed a modality to listen to and communicate with the body and subconscious mind. This includes hands-on somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, and breathwork. We will also make recordings for you to practice between sessions. These sessions are recommended weekly for six weeks. After that, you can decide if you would like to continue weekly or at a different rhythm. By sliding scale of $180 - $120. For those who wish to work weekly, there is a $100 session rate.

• Breathwork Sessions: These one-hour and fifty minute sessions include verbal exploration followed by a full hour of breath. We will enter deeply into the breath and trust the inner healer as our guide. These sessions can bring a consideration of all elements of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mystical life. Brith impressions, intergenerational imprints, trauma and our most fundamental relationships to self, others, life, and the divine can be healed and our unique journey through life will be honored. By sliding scale of $250 - $190. Discounts available for Breathwork students.

• 50 Minute Sessions: For those seeking shorter weekly sessions or needing a lower rate, 50 minute sessions are offered. This length of session is good for somatic process, hands-on somatic work, and hypnotherapy. Short sessions of breathwork are also possible. You might also choose to do longer sessions initially and then this shorter session going forward. By sliding scale of $100 - $60