Life Moves Through is an organization for somatic education and therapy that is embodied, holistic, and ecological. Organized by Laura Fuller, MA, it is a collection of teachers facilitating yoga, gymnastics, and conscious movement as well as a resource for somatic therapies, including Hypnotherapy, Polarity Therapy, Breathwork, Therapeutic Yoga, and psychology. Our mission is to help people connect with the wisdom and strength of the body and earth, with values for integrity, intelligence, and action, as well as an openness to depth and the spiritual realms of life.  

The term "somatic" roots form the Greek somatikos , meaning of the body. It is used to refer to a sort of therapy, education, and paradigm that looks at life in its fullness.: body, mind, emotions, culture, nature, and spirit. While old ways of thinking might divide the body from the mind, or the person from their surroundings, this reincorporates the individual body, soul, and collective interconnectedness, holding that wholeness is what heals. We must tend to our flesh just as we tend our thoughts. In order to grow, and thrive, we must care for our relationships, the earth, and for all living things - knowing there is no separation. Consciousness is everywhere.

 Life Moves Through is the idea that - if we bring our cells to the present - we become clear channels that life, consciousness, and love move through in radiant flow. It is learning to dance compassionately with our challenges as well as our dreams, opening the heart wide enough to hold everything, and taking action in the place and time we have been given. While it may seem this is philosophy without clear application, the beauty of this work is that  the body is the perfect space to learn about one's soul. We can investigate - through action and feeling - what it means to be alive, and the role of choice in the way this life is lived.


 In terms of therapy , this means the consideration and utilization of all areas of life, body, conscious and subconscious mind, and emotions. It is a therapeutic approach that allows you to work in whatever way feels best to you - through thoughts, feelings, sensations, dreams, life situations - with understanding of your full power and resources.

In terms of Movement Classes, we move from the following premises:

1. Personal experience of how self-understanding, process and empowerment through movement can change a life and even save a life, and the belief that this means something. This is the degree of meaning and depth.  

2. Developed from wisely selected philosophies of body, mind, emotions, nervous system, and spirit. 

3. Connection to an ancient lineage of arts; incorporating physical and metaphysical aspects. 

4. A living culture of creativity, movement, enjoyment, and healing. 

5. The perspective that this is the radical work of change. For those who wish to/have been called to change the trajectory of their life, family, and world. 

6. Creates the opportunity to work with physicality and mind in action. In working in the way we move and act, opportunities for healing are created through fun and depth. 

7.  Creates potential for prevention of much that will never have to be known. Tremendous empowerment at all ages. As for children - the opportunity to step into their power sooner and more often.

8. Emphasis on awareness and consciousness. 

9. Value for intelligent, holistic, ecological, and non-dogmatic perspectives.  

10. the building of physical culture and making it accessible. 

Our intention is to give people the tools and motivation to live fully, good experiences, a sip or their soul, and a sense of artful means in life. Thank you so much for reading and for visiting this site. We hope you will continue to look around this site. We hope that these perspectives will be of value in your life. 

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