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Yoga for Any Body

So long as you can breathe, you can do yoga. It may not feel that way in Los Angeles where yoga can be quite athletic. As beautiful as that is, it can also feel excluding for those who are needing something else. "Yoga" means "to yoke" and can refer to the union of many things: join the body with the spirit, the movement with the breath, yourself with community. All of these point to the primary yoga is the connection to what is called the Self. This is the part of you deeper than your name, face, age, or ability. It is the part that remains untouched by any experience or challenge and that is always whole and complete. It is clear that–for this yoga–no physical abilities are required. In fact, if the body is asking you to slow down for any reason, it can be an initiation to deeper practice. 

In a fast-paced, externally oriented world, a yoga of receiving and remembering how supported you are by the universe is essential medicine. In a world that is ready to heal, strength and participation while rooted in the Self is needed as well. Your participation is needed and it begins with healing and recharging yourself so that you can spread that to the world in whatever way you do. The practices of yoga are designed to recharge the body so that you can go do the work that needs to be done while grounded in a deeper knowing.

Some joke that yoga poses look like contortions. But the practice of yoga is actually of is de-contortion. It is getting yourself un-twisted to rest in your true nature and to the place where life breathes you. While there may be a healing of the physical and emotional bodies, on a spiritual level, there is no where to get to and nothing to be attained or earned. Yoga is remembering this, participating, and resting deep within the wisdom of the universe in every cell.


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