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Though there are many styles and brands, there is only one yoga. It is connection to the Self: Ātman आत्मन् (essence or soul)–and the understanding that this truth of who you are is no different than the whole of the universe. Yoga practice is a means of remembering this truth and participating in it. For each individual and at different times of life, the style and form of practice will be different, but the essence of yoga as connection to life remains.

These classes include movement, poses, pranayama, meditation and an exploration of archetypes. They root from three philosophies: Tantra as the perspective that spirit is in everything and a dance through the elements and chakras, Hatha as the belief that meditation arises as your own natural state, and Bhakti, with the practice of seeking the sweetness of life and the understanding that the end point of all study is love. 

“If the preparation is perfect, there will be no need to learn meditation from anyone. One fine morning while practicing pranayama your mind will be lifted into a new realm of consciousness”
— The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Thus, yoga is a means to guide you back to your own knowing. For generations, systems of power have created beliefs that that someone else holds the power and the truth. Yoga is the direct realization of the truth within each breath and the body's wisdom. There is nothing to earn and nowhere to get to. Through the practices of yoga, each individual comes to their own knowing and inner and outer alignment. 

Laura is currently only teaching yoga privately. You can schedule a private class for you and your friends or host a private group series in your home. If you would like to know about up coming events and private group classes, please email Laura to join the mailing list.

“Behind every sick man there is a spiritual man. Behind a diabetic, there is a yogi. Behind a man suffering from depression there is an aspirant. When a patient comes for help, teach him yoga and make him better. Treat his sickness, but do not stop there. Take him further into the spiritual domains of life.”
— The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
“Nowadays, the practice of yoga stops with just asanas. Very few even attempt dharana and dhyana (deeper meditation) with seriousness. There is a need to search once more and reestablish the practice and value of yoga in modern times.”
— Triumalai Krishnamacharya


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Aham Bramhāsmiti अहं ब्रह्म अस्मिति  Self and Ultimate Reality are One.