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For an individual and for a culture, moments come where it is clear that we cannot do it alone. Though these moments may feel like breakdowns, they are the most beautiful as they guide us back to connection with a larger whole. The reconnection may be to the earth, community, our body, or to different parts of the self. It represents the movement out of trauma and are an initiation to new wisdom, strength and life. While it is true that we have our own answers, there is important medicine in being supported along the way. We must learn that we are safe enough and strong enough to release old ways and change. Thus, throughout time, there have been thresholders who walk with us for a while as we step in to a new way of being.

These personal sessions combine wisdom from Depth Psychology, and Somatic Psychology with practical tools and powerful healing modalities. This combination brings relief and increased sense of peace along the way, even when there are larger pains to heal. We will listen deeply for what is asking to heal and work in ways that integrate all parts of the self. Sessions begin with talk and then utilize modalities to access the wholeness of mind, body, emotions, spirit, and universe, allowing for change and comfort at the deepest levels. All sessions begin with talking, and from there we might use therapeutic touch, breathwork, or hypnosis. You are welcome to request sessions using any of these modalities, or we may use a different one each time we meet. We can decide together which way to work each session. Please click through to learn more about each of these processes.

If you have felt frustration with talk therapy alone, these sessions may be a good direction for you. They create a space for deep listening, leading to insight integration, and positive change.

Topics can include: anxiety, addiction, trauma release, spiritual counsel, health improvement, stress reduction, self-esteem, purpose & meaning, life transitions, and LGBT affirmative counseling.

If you are currently in treatment by a mental health professional, by their permission, these sessions can also be used as adjunctive therapy (they can be done in addition to your current treatment) and may increase positive outcome and sense of peace along the way. 

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