Mindfulness and meditation plays an important role for people in healing for people working with depression and anxiety and for those recovery from chemical and behavioral addictions.  It also can be of great help for people dealing with pain and medical conditions. The primary way mindfulness has been involved in treatment so far is through awareness - the mindfulness of noticing what is present, without analysis and interpretation, and while trying to slow down reactivity, judgement, and fear. This form of mindfulness in and of itself is very powerful in creating change in the brain and nervous system, however there are more facets of mindfulness and meditation that, if integrated, can bring in even more positive results. This integrated form of therapeutic meditation draws in understandings of trauma, and also the power of imagery and en vivo meditations (activities in life that let you feel the brain state you are seeking) to help identify, access, and strengthen the neuro circuits that are needed in the process of healing. Please feel free to try these recordings yourself, or to share them with clients.

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