Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht. is a writer, therapist, and somatic educator who has studied body, mind and spirit healing arts for twenty years. She has a Bachelors in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA with emphasis in Dance, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute with emphasis in Depth Psychology, and is a certified hypnotherapist, a certified therapeutic imagery practitioner, a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and a somatic-based therapist. From each lineage of wisdom, Laura seeks to draw the connections and goes forward to find the missing pieces. The direction is towards wholeness and harmony–for each individual and the world. For twelve years, Laura has worked one on one with people to support their healing and transformation through the wisdom of the body, spirit and breath. Laura also works with groups through yoga, meditation, breathwork and organizes children's programs in Embodied Gymnastics that integrate technical gymnastics with somatic principles and ancient knowledge. 

Laura is a constant student. Her classes are grounded in understandings of trauma, the necessity of growth, and in our ability to heal through wise connection to our body, soul, community, and earth. Her writings reach across several disciplines, grounded by a core mission to help people evolve more quickly into the post-Cartesian paradigm of the integrated Bodymind. As a student of the body and the breath, Laura is interested in the sacredness of this particular journey through life and also our infinite nature. This includes the study of birth, pre and peri natal, transpersonal, and the unwinding of trauma through both the physical and archetypal.

Alongside a great deal of beauty and grace, Laura's journey began with difficult initiations into questions of consciousness and integration of body any soul. Early surgeries beginning at six months old, sensory processing issues, plus a connection to intuition and deeper sight, opened her to her gifts, but also set a path that her to learn about healing profound physical and emotional pain. It is a journey that teaches a combination of compassion, love, belief and skillful means. We can never know what healing is possible or impossible, but it is our sacred assignment to do the best that we can. In engaging her own healing path deeply, she continues to gathers the tools–body, mind, and spirit–to help others walk through the dark and through the light. 

Laura's path of conscious healing began at age 12 when she started to study gymnastics. She had always been interested in dance and movement and the depth of humanity they showed. When she started class, she was twice as old as other students and, by that time, her body was filled with trauma and frustration. As she tried to move past the her edges, the emotions started to move as well. She came to see the connection between the physical body, the emotional body, and the profound spiritual initiation that comes when we decide to step beyond the patterns of our past. Laura came to see that, through movement, effort, and metaphor, we have the power to change our own life–and maybe more than that.