We teach yoga and movement to support the health and well being of the whole child – body, mind, and spirit. We would love to help create a yoga program for your school. 


Providing yoga at school is a powerful way to help kids learn through their bodies as well as their minds. These classes are built from a deep exploration  of   how  children  learn  and  process;  helping  students develop the strength and wisdom to bring their own unique gifts into the  world.  Movement  can  be  used  to  pattern  the  brain,  balance emotions,  and cultivate  focus.  Embodied  experience  is essential to self-image, and  social  relationships.  Priority  is  placed  on  respect, and  love  for  learning and life through developmentally appropriate movement  and  mindfulness  activities. Ancient wisdom is combined with  modern  science,  building  resiliency  and strength in the body, mind, nervous system, and heart.

Integrating  yoga  into  the  school  day  or after school program can increase focus, emotional intelligence,  compassion,  conflict  resolution,  and  positive views of learning  and  health. Children  with  the  most   difficulties   in   the classroom, are  often  the most receptive to yoga. Adding  yoga  to  the  day  allows  kids  to shift trajectory,  and  bring  some confidence and calmness  into  other activities. 

Programs and classes are designed specifically for the desires and culture of each school, bringing  in  the language  patterns, values,  and style. The priority of the teachers is  to listen to what  is  arising and for what is deeply needed on levels of the   body,   nervous  system,  mind  and  emotions.  Teachers  stay  in  continued training,  supervision,  and  self-development, knowing that the more they can be present and centered in the moment, the more they are  of  service  to  each child.  


Yoga is becoming more and more common in private schools, public schools, religious schools, and schools of all different styles as its benefits to learning and physical and emotional health become more known. As yoga comes into the schools, it is common to wonder if yoga is religious. Yoga in an of itself is not a religion, but a philosophy. The term "yoga" means "connection" and has come to refer to an integrated approach to learning - bringing in the powers of the body, mind, and emotions. Yoga is a means for students to connect to whatever gives them strength, calming, and meaning. We all need ways to calm down and remember we are valuable, safe, and loved. Yoga can provide this to anyone of any belief, enhancing the strength of their personal beliefs and values.

If you would like to talk more about bringing yoga into your school, please contact Laura at 310)753-3386 or lifemovesthrough@gmail.com