Hands-On Somatic Therapy

Some healing cannot happen through words alone, touch must be the foundation. Connection is our true nature. Physical touch reconnects us with intrinsic meaning and the space before analysis. The act of touch–whether it be to another person, nature, or another part of the self–recognizes a greater whole. Touch is the state that we seek to remember: connection to the soul, and the generations, the knowledge that our experience is sacred, and the ability to feel held in the arms of the universe, humanity and life. While understanding is growing within the field of psychology that therapy must involve the body, most Somatic Therapy is done in hands-off ways. While physical touch is not always necessary and it must be used skillfully, the absence of touch reflects a paradigm of separation that is the source of much of our suffering.     

You may have had the experience of going to talk therapy and not knowing what to say, and then getting a massage and the tears start to flow. You may have had the experience of emotions that are difficult to access and release. Therapeutic touch is used to balance the nervous system, gbody relates to living your life. Past retreat into intellectual and spiri we've been taught to live in the intellect

Somatic Therapy is the understanding that emotional, mental and spiritual health is inseparable from the care of the body, culture, and earth. This does not at all mean that our body must be perfect in order for our spirit to be whole. Rather, it means honoring wholeness and spirit in everything. How would you care for your body, the earth, your neighbor, if you knew it was all sacred and all connected?

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