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Peace & Release
To get to a place of relaxation and peace, we must listen to what is going on beneath the surface. When we create time and space to do this, it becomes clear that these stirrings from within are not only the details of life, but are also clues towards transformation and growth. We may know that we are stressed, tense, or tired, we may know that something is getting to us, but we may not know why. In this circle, breathwork will be used to make contact with what is going on beneath the surface and open to what needs to be known. We will use the breath as a blessing to everyone and everything that happened in the past, freeing you to move forward.  


Life can get busy and full. And–even when it is full of all good things–it is essential to carve out space for ourselves. The space that we open in this time we carve out, links us to the deeper meaning of all of the things we are doing. It helps us to not just get caught up in the work, but to remember what we are working for. In this circle, we will focus on feeling into the sort of space that we need to be able to come back to ourselves so that we can participate in our lives in a way that is aligned from within. It may be that you need space in which you can empty out, space in which you can be fill up, or space for you to dive deeper and see what is going on underneath the surface. Through the consciously connected breath, we will amplify a space of love that will allow for whatever needs to unfold.  

As we go through the process of healing, strengthening, and letting go, we become open to the desire for new and different things. As old traumas resolve and the old patterns and protections melt away, we land in the present and time starts to flow forward again towards something new. We will ask the question, "what are you opening to?" This may come in the form of a new willingness and desire–something you are ready to welcome now. Or, it may come in the form of an antidote–something that is being sought as a remedy of a pain that has become familiar. In any case, the willingness to open to the possibility of new and good is a sign that something has healed. 

Simple Truth
There is a tendency to feel that we have to figure it all out. We may even feel that–in order to just begin to share what we have been carrying–we must first know the solution or at least understand the cause. These patterns come from effort to stay safe, but they can lead to pressure, stress, shame, and feeling like we are in it alone. In this circle, we will practice working with simple truth. All you have to know is what you feel right now and the healing will unfold from there. It is a practice that lets us reclaim the innocence of any emotion, sensation, thought, or life situation and lets us notice the support of the universe that is always there.

Birth Impressions
It is interesting to consider that the circumstances of our birth may still be affecting us now. Situations of your birth can be seen as a window of insight to understanding the sacred tasks of this life and our challenges that can be transformed into gifts. In this circle, we will look at how life experiences can leave impressions on our bodies, lives, and energy. Breathwork provides a way of revising our oldest challenges, even the ones that go all the way back to our first breath.

Summer Radiance
Wednesday, August 14th, 2019, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
with Laura Fuller at Urban Yoga Center (located at Desert AIDS Project) in Palm Springs

Come breathe into your radiance and power. The spaciousness of Summer gently invites us to become more at ease and more alive. The breath is oxygen, but it is also life. We will use the process of Clarity Breathwork to welcome our life force, reclaim anything that had been lost, and lead us into a silent meditation where we can land. This beautiful practice helps you gather all of your energy in the present moment, root to you to your soul, and feel ready to move forward from there. 

Harvest Moon
Friday, September 13th, 2019, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
with Laura Fuller at Urban Yoga Center (located at Desert AIDS Project) in Palm Springs

Let’s land in the circle of the Harvest Moon. Gather up the good and fullness and see what is ready to fall away. The moon gives the teaching that we do not have to generate light. We simply must polish the mirror to better reflect the light of the universe that is always there. Through a process of self-reflection and the consciously connected breath, we will release any force and practice a full embrace of all that is here so that we can more completely experience the goodness of our lives in this moment. Come find a place to land sacred community and within yourself.

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