Verbal Counsel

Being heard in a space of profound listening is the foundation of healing. When we are listened to–and learn to listen to ourselves–in this way, we show up more fully in our humanity and spirit. When we speak in a therapeutic setting, we hear ourselves more deeply. We may hear something that we have not heard before, and we reclaim essential parts of ourselves. When we speak with the quality of listening and in the presence of a non-judgemenal ally, the brain rewires and the energy reorganizes. When we speak, things change. 

Each session begins with talking and deep listening for what is speaking and what is needed. From there, talk might take the direction of working together to understand challenges and find solutions, or may simply serve the process of connection, honoring, and getting to know yourself more.

With the increase of coaching modalities, there has been the tendency talk only about planning and goals. The focus becomes "changing your story," which intends to help remove limitations, but also can also disconnect us from our greatest assets. While these sessions will help you loosen your limitations, they will also help you remember that your story is sacred. Telling where we've been and what we've been through catches us up to the present moment and let's us begin to discover who we are now. It connects us to the preciousness of our unique journey, the importance of our own experience, and also to the journeys through life and consciousness that people have taken through out time.

Starting from listening to the words and what is speaking, sessions then turn to an even deeper form of listening with the use of a modality to access the subconscious mind. About the first half of the session is talk, then followed by hands-on-listening, breathwork, or hypnosis.


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