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"It's ok you don't get right now" That's Emily favorite saying. Emily the perfectionist came into class with  the goals of "nailing" some stunts for cheer. Emily has "nailed" some amazing life lessons.   When we started Emily would get so angry if she could not get a stunt or do a pullover on the bars like the other girls, today she just works harder, no attitude just more determination. This is also reflecting in her schooling.  She is AP student in gate classes and today if she is met with a challenge her approaches is, "It's ok you don't get right now" and then she practices and nails it.

Emily suffers from anxiety and the confidents that she gained has been life changing. She is able to walk to her classroom by herself today. I realize that may sound silly, for us that is HUGE. She is eager to take our restaurant checks up to the counter to pay them.  She even can ask for assistance in the store. Life changing ! She is learning how to function in the real world something I was sure was not going to happen until after high school.

I asked Emily what she has learned other than Backhand springs and she said she has ,"learned not to judge people because they are better then you at something".   WOW

When I signed her up for your class I was hoping to she would get some extra pointers as she sent hours a on the weekends watching Gymnastics on YouTube and self teaching. I would have never in lifetime expected her blossom and grow as she has.