Embodied Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a powerful tool for developing the body, brain and emotions. It is a whole lot of fun, and also a powerful way to build awareness and learn about one's self, others, and universe. Through feeling, each individual gets to explore how they move in the world and a chance to explore new choices and move wisely. Can I stand tall? Can I move fully and freely? When do I need to be strong and when is it ok to let go? Technical gymnastics is combined with somatic principles and ancient wisdom. This creates the foundation for continued learning in gymnastics and also for a healthy, happy, whole-hearted life.  

Embodied gymnastics takes the stance of developing the whole child and prioritizes creating an environment that is creative, aware, and kind. The skills are important, but the deeper goal is the facilitation of each child coming fully into their body and life–knowing they are safe, welcome, loved, and a powerful part of community. 

Embodied gymnastics is designed to develop the brain, nervous system, and emotional and social awareness. In the early years, brain and sensory pathways are developed through creative movement and obstacle courses. As kids get older, tools are taught to help each child learn to work skillfully with their own minds and emotions. Embodied gymnastics is especially important now as this form of education builds the parts of the brain that are often underdeveloped due to fast paced lives and technology. It cultivates their most human capacities of empathy, emotional intelligence, and patience that are extremely important for the world right now, and also develops brain pathways that help with success in reading, math, and language.  

We run a full program of classes through the City of Los Angeles, California at Westwood Recreation Center. This keeps with somatic principles of making movement education accessible to all. Laura is also available for workshops and staff trainings. 

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