Summer Retreat


Summer Retreat

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I simply love this way of retreat. It is the opposite of high-end luxury, and yet is the heart of comfort. The best way to put it is that it is a yoga and meditation soul family vacation. We will work together to bring what we need, you can pay what you can afford, and we will open together to the sweetness of life. I think that this sort of space is essential to the spiritual journey and journey through life. It is essential to have a place to land and also to take a step away from your routine. Because, all the while that we are working to get somewhere, to improve our lives, improve ourselves, or learn something, this moment is also your life. We will land in it and remember that it is good.  This style of retreat allows you to come with no outcome in mind other than the journey into your own heart in the present moment. You will get some space from your responsibilities and connection to yourself, others, and nature.

August 3rd - 5th, 2018
2 Nights:  Friday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
at a private location in Lake Hughes, 2 hours out of LA

Before enrolling, please check with Laura that a spot is available and please be sure to be clear on what is involved. For more info, read here and email Laura at

This retreat is Semi-Camping, Semi-Slumber Party and Semi-Potluck. Your payment includes all yoga and meditation sessions and some food will be provided. Please read more to understand how this all works. Its easier than you might think. All participants are also asked to bring $20 donation in cash in addition to this donation paid prior. This will go to our lovely host, Jim, to cover house cleaning and upkeep.

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