Are you interested in learning how to meditate? Would you like to reduce stress and move forward more powerfully in your life? A little assistance can go a long way.

They say that, sometimes, our mind is like a dark ally...best not to walk down it alone. At other times, it is just nice to have a companion - to remind us how to be a better companion to ourselves. Most people are aware of the benefits of meditation, but many wonder how to begin. These sessions offer a unique paradigm to meet you where you are at, be with you in the present moment, and support you in your next steps. Sessions begin with a consultation and then a personalized meditation that is recorded and sent to you as a download that you can use again and again.  After the meditation, there is also verbal counsel, allowing you to clarify and talk through your process.

If you would like free general meditations, click here. 

Styles of meditation can include:
Focusing Meditations, Stress reduction, Meditations for emotional process and coping, Embodied meditations, Somatic process and trauma release, guided imagery, affirmations, compassion, loving-kindness, breath meditations, and more - all include suggestions tailored to your receptivity and current needs and desires. All of these styles combine ancient techniques with modern understandings or neuroscience, psychology and the power of language.

Sessions are $100. They are done via Skype and are available world wide (in English only). To schedule, contact Laura at 310)753-3386 or lifemovesthrough@gmail.com Click here to pay for a session by credit card.

Some styles are done seated, some laying down. They are determined by what you need. You will likely choose to do multiple sessions, gathering different recordings so that you can choose daily what is needed.

Meditation can be a means of learning and self-inquiry and also a form of deep healing. Working one on one is a traditional form of learning this art and helps you develop a heightened ability to work skillfully with your own mind and emotion. Click here if you would like some free recorded meditations.