Wake up Before the World is Formed

When talking about getting up early to meditate, people often say that, "you may be able to drag me out of bed, but my mind won't be awake" ;) And I say, good! That is actually the point. It's important to meditate before the mind wakes up. Let it sleep! You'll have access to something deeper.

I've heard it said that you must wake up early before the world is created. The idea that there is a whole creation story that happens each morning as we return from the deepest sleep, with most of us unaware. If you can awake, you can participate as the world gets created in your own image. In that subtlety of the morning, we are closer to the way things really are, however, the world must be created. If we don't wake up in some way, the world is simply created as it was the day before. 

Now, it is just one side of the coin to say that you wake up to dream each day. We impress upon the world, but equally also is the way that the world impresses itself upon us. The realm of collected ideas and consensus reality comes in strong, going so quickly and deeply into the subconscious that we come to believe they are our own feelings and ideas. You don't want to meditate before your mind gets up...but do you look at your phone? This may also come from inside–a part that has doubt and fear of change, seeks something that will allow the soul to continue it's sleep. 

It has always been important to "stand guard at the gates of the mind." This refers to having an awareness of what we take in–images, sounds, ideas–because, while we may be able to deal with them consciously, they still affect us subconsciously. Any time a person is in a process of healing and change, they must look at what has been affecting them. But this is even stronger today as there is actually a conscious, systematic, and very well-developed use of addiction and fear for the purposes of keeping us dulled, rigid, over-simplified and overwhelmed. 


From what I am saying here, you may begin to understand what it actually means to wake up and claim your own life right now. To draw yourself back from stress, anger, fear, self-doubt, anger, powerlessness, is probably the most radical thing you can do. 

I have been meaning to record this practice for a while. It is not my meditation–it is a set of exercises recommended by Tony Robbins, but I have found it to be very helpful because it allows me to reclaim my body as well as my mind. Though his listed instructions are out there, I find that people want a recording to lead them through while they do it–though you will eventually remember the steps and be able to do it on your own. It is designed as a morning exercise that you do first thing.

I find that I go through times when I need different sorts of meditations. Sometimes, I get up and list gratitudes and chant, sometimes I need to start with something more active that sets me up for the day with a higher level of energy and breath. In those times, this is what I do. On a mental level, I find that this practice helps me get into action and into the level of (either) faith or suspension of belief that is required in order to act. On a physical level, I find that it can reduce headaches and pain as I start the day with deep breath and movement. 

Once you have been meditating for a while, you find that it has a wave as well. Within any practice, just like within life, there is always growth. You are never done. But this never done does not carry the quality of redundancy, but rather, of continuous new birth. As we approach Spring, I send this out to any part of you that feels like it has "been there, done that" a million times before. And remind us that new life will come.

Put in your ear buds in the early morning, get bundled up warm, step outside, and give this meditation a try.