Introduction to Yoga: New Beginning

Would you like to learn more about yoga and meditation and how they can become a part of your life? This workshop is designed for people interested in trying yoga and meditation for the first time AND for those who have been practicing and want to apply the philosophies more deeply.

Each workshop has a different theme. This one will focus on how the choice to begin a yoga practice represents a new beginning. It reflects the presence of strength and courage that allows you to imagine something new. It is the perfect theme for the start of the year as we choose to align with new possiblies for our own lives and the world. The practice of yoga puts these desires into action, and can support you in goals that are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and that relate to your life.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to poses, breath, meditation, and the core philosophies behind yoga. They will also be guided to consider what "new beginning" is being wished for in them and goals for the health of their body, mind, spirit, and life.


Led by Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht.

Sunday January 7th, 3:00 - 5:30 pm

ONLY $25 includes 2 free yoga classes (to be used by the end of February)
Please enroll early and invite your friends.
Click here to enroll. Or visit, click "schedule" then select the "workshops" tab.
You can share this page or use the Facebook event page to invite and share. If you have any challenges with enrollment, please call The Moving Joint at (424) 228-5348

Yoga means "to yoke", "to join together", or "to connect". We will look at this connection through the body (asana), breath (pranayama), meditation (dharana and dhyana), community (sangha), and uptimately to your Self. Tea and snacks will be provided. Yoga mats are available. This will be a comfortable environment for people of all physical abilities and levels of experience. Please invite your friends and come join in community in the service of your health and the health of all. If you have any questions about this class, please contact Laura at

In these Introduction to Yoga workshops, we explore the foundations of yoga philosophy in a way that will help you navigate all the different styles and brands of yoga out there today. You will come away with experience that will let you begin to explore yoga classes with an understanding of what the practices are really about and how to use them in a way that works for you.

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