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Leaders in Training Program

This program is for kids ages 9 to 15 who are are studying gymnastics, yoga, dance or other movement arts and may want to learn how to use these forms to help others. Part personal development and part practical skills, this schedule of workshops prepares participants to be Leaders in Training at camps and assistants in classes where they will receive deeper training, get hands-on experience and learn to handle responsibilities with both seriousness and ease. This program is designed with a lot of flexibility so that students can participate whenever it works for them and also build bonds that will grow over time and support them when needed.

Please read below for more info and please enroll in advance. No commitment or permission is needed to participate in workshops. However, minimum required training, readiness, and permission is required to be a LIT at camps or in classes. 

Fall 2018 Schedule

Fridays 4 to 6 pm

• September 21st  •  Gymnastics Basics

• October 12th   •  Yoga Basics

• TBD  •   Learning to Teach & Teaching to Learn

• December 14th   •   Accomplishment, Gratitude & Intentionality

About the Program

Being a leader means making your own choices from a place of inspiration, creativity, and a belief in good. These workshops are for teens and tweens, ages 9 to 15, who are interested in being empowered within their own lives and in helping others to do the same. At a time in life where kids may become frustrated and disengaged, these trainings will encourage them to look deeper to understand problems, find solutions, and consider what they would like to create for themselves and others. They also encourage kids to continue to learn and play and to become even more interested in learning. Along the way, they will learn the incredibly valuable skills required to be a movement, gymnastics, yoga, dance, or circus arts teacher.

While specifically geared towards teaching gymnastics, yoga, and movement arts, the skills learned here will serve life and work in general. Emphasis will be on leadership through service, personal integrity, understanding systems, understanding learning, being pro-active and problem-solving, and learning to communicate from a space of maturity, gratitude and respect. Learning to work with others requires a deep level of work on ones self. Through these workshops and being LITs in camps and classes, students are supported in their own growth and confidence. It also feels so good to know that you can help others. Students are guided to bring their unique personalities forward while also cultivating skills that may be harder for them. They are guided to see how important they can be in the lives of another just being who they are and doing their best.

Participants enroll in each individual workshop (this is not a series). While it is encouraged that students come to all trainings that they can, it is not required. They are welcome to be there whenever it works for them. Topics will also repeat and students are encouraged to come even if they have already taken a topic because the information learned before will be built upon. 

Signatures for community service hours or internship can be given. Participation in workshops does not guarantee admission as an LIT in camps or classes. This program does lead to future potential of being hired as an assistant teacher at 16 years old. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Laura at 310)753-3386 or