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Lakewood classes are held at Lakewood's Palms Park 12305 207th Street, Lakewood, CA 90715. We have been building community through movement at this location for 14 years! The intention is to create an environment that supports the development of the whole child with values for awareness, respect, love of learning, intelligence, and diversity. Students are supported in learning to feel comfortable in their bodies and selves, stepping into their power, and learning to work with integrity and care - regardless of the level of skills being learned. Embodied Gymnastics is a beautiful way for kids to learn about themselves in a most positive way, and also grow playfully in the ways they need to grow, building skills like focus, self-esteem, awareness of others, perseverance, and the ability to rise up to challenge.

These classes take place at a beautiful facility with full gymnastics equipment including parallel bars, beams, vault, trampoline, and plenty of space to move. Please join us! These classes promote health in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Come be a part of this sweet community. Also, since these classes are of a very special kind, please do share this page with anyone else who might be interested. You can also keep in touch by "liking" Life Moves Through ~ Yoga & Somatic Arts on Facebook

Spring 2015   Fridays & Sundays • Classes for ages 18 mos - teens    Click HERE to enroll and use class #s below.


 Session 2: April 12th - June 7th (no class May 24th)

2:00 - 2:55 Movement, Power, & Fitness 1  Ages 3 to 6 years with Laura Fuller, Kathryn Volk, & Amber Ottosen. Beginning gymnastics techniques, body awareness, and a lot of fun! $65 for 8 meetings.  Session 2 (#37756) runs April 12th - June 7th. Please save Sunday June 7th to participate in the annual exhibition!

3:00 - 4:15 Movement, Power, & Fitness 2  Ages 6 to Teens with Laura Fuller, Kathryn Volk, & Amber Ottosen. Beginning & intermediate gymnastics, strength, flexibility & tumbling techniques. $74 for 8 meetings. Session 2 (#38044) runs April 12th - June 7th. Please save Sunday June 7th to participate in the annual exhibition!

Click HERE to enroll and use class #s. Join in the fun!

 Classes are run in sessions that start throughout the year. If you would like to try out a class and maybe join in, email Laura at lifemovesthrough@gmail.com or use the enrollment info below to get your spot today. Also, check out our awesome EarthPower Yoga, Gymnastics & Art Camp during Spring Break.

Guess what else?! We have BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Do you want to have the whole space for yourself and your friends on your special day? Contact Laura at 310)753-3386 or lifemovesthrough@gmail.com

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Did you know that gymnastics is not just for the body? Well, your brain is not only in your head - it extends through the whole body via the nervous system - and the way we move our body effects the way we learn, process information, and the ability to recall and express. Body movement can improve reading, writing, speech and focus! In addition to the confidence gymnastics can bring, it actually creates physical changes in the brain! Our bodies were designed for movement. And, when we move, different parts of our brain light up. If we do this enough, these helpful parts of the brain get larger and, just like muscles growing, tasks become easier. Considering this, you can see how crazy it is that kids are asked to sit for long hours to learn. Its even crazier that movement is taken away as consequence for poor school performance. If your child is struggling, consider something that can help develop the brain and nervous system while also making them feel good about themselves. If your child is having a particular struggle (anxiety, speech, dyslexia, sensory processing, AD/HD, social challenges) always let the teacher know. They can help! Not just through the way they engage with the child, but through the movements. And the kids will just think they are having fun!

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