Kids, Teens, & Family Yoga

People of all ages love yoga and benefit from yoga as a way to stay healthy and cultivate peace, well-being, and confidence. Does your child have an amazing energy, joy, creativity, or awareness? These classes are designed to allow kids to bring their whole selves and strengths to stretch into their dreams. We relate to both the deep wisdom in each child, and the playfulness - honoring the sacred and the silly.

This is also a space that holds the depths, acknowledging that even young lives have had challenges and pain. These classes provide deep listening, love and also tools to deal with stress, work with the body, mind, and relationships, and help kids step into their power more fully and more often. See updates and get notification of classes by "liking" Life Moves Through ~ Yoga & Somatic Arts on Facebook. You can also join our mailing list by emailing Laura at . Also Check out our Yoga, Gymnastics & Art Camps on school breaks.  You can also consider bringing yoga to your school or preschool!

Winter 2016 - Toddler, School Ages, Teens, Families AND Classes where kids class runs at the same time as adult class! For questions on any of these classes or what might be best for you, call Laura at 310)753-3386. For all classes, a $5 - $10 supply donation is requested per session.


Preschool Ages - these classes focus on letting kids find their own understanding of yoga and to use it to feel good. Parents will also have an opportunity to take a deep breath and move their body too. Come connect to your child and to others through imagination, movement, and love.

• Preschool Transition Yoga at Pamper & Play • Ages 2 - 5Yoga class will be offered once or twice monthly and is free with the price of play or as part of enrollment in Pamper & Play's Preschool Transition program. If you would like to know the schedule, please email

School Ages, Teens & Families

Lotus Mudra

• Tuesdays 3:45 to 4:40 Kids Yoga & Creative Movement  Ages 6 - 13 with Tessa Cisneros

• Thursdays 3:45 to 4:30 Kids Yoga & Meditation  Ages 5 - 8 with Laura Fuller

at Culver Alexander West Park 4162 Wade St, Culver City, CA 90066.   8 weeks for $80 for Culver City Residents ($91 non-residents).  These classes run by 8 week sessions at a gret price. If you are interested in this class, email Laura at Please note: pre-enrollment only - no weekly drop-ins for this class.

•  Family Yoga • ages 6 - up. This class will return Spring 2016

• Thursdays 5:10 - 6:20 • Tween & Teen Yoga & Meditation At The Moving Joint in Mar Vista 12813 Venice Blvd. Mar Vista 90066. In the tween and teen years, yoga can be so valuable in keeping bodies healthy, and building a foundation of inner strength. Poses, breath, self-insight, relaxation and meditation will be used to help students build confidence in their own abilities and knowing. These are some of the most powerful years in life. Students will be encouraged to be bold in all their endeavors while cultivating self-love. Poses & breath will be used to build strength, playfulness, and the experience of slowing down enough to listen to life. This class is led by Laura Fuller.

Kids Class + Parents Class       PARENTS - do you want some yoga too?

• Tuesdays & Thursdays with Joyce at Yogaraj 2001 S. Barrington 90064.   3:45 - 4:40 kids ages 5 - 8 (younger or older by permission). At the same time, in the other room, there will be an adult yoga class with Christine West. Kids & adults BOTH get to learn yoga, but get to learn in a way that is suited for them - giving adults some space to let go, and and giving kids space to play and build independence. Class is just $10 per child and $10 per adult and is on-going and drop-in style - no commitment needed, come on by whenever you'd like!

All classes will run with a minimum of 6 kids, so please enroll early to make sure the class you want is available. Please tell your friends - we would love to have you there. If you have any questions at all, please contact Laura at 310)753-3386 or There are also great camps at school breaks throughout the year.

A note on prices - for most classes & camps, scholarship prices ARE available for people in financial need. Please email Laura at you will need to be approved and pay a small amount. Please know that these classes are run far below the industry standard. We hope that you can appreciate the value of these classes however we also understand that you might need some help from time to time.

mindfulness fruit

Other Sessions & Themes - look for them again in the future, and they are also available for school programs & privately:

We are, in many ways, a product of our environments. As powerful as we may be personally, it is still very important to be aware of the friends we keep and the social atmospheres we walk through. Kids and Family Yoga & Dance classes are important as they provide a space where things like kindness, integrity, commitment, peace, conscious self-expression, internal and external awareness - are valued and socially supported. This is also a space that supports sensitivity to energy, imagination, and the invisible realms of life that often don't get the credit they deserve.

Each child brings their own belief systems and values. We learn to listen deeply, cultivate compassion and understanding of both self and other. When kids are young, there often seems to be an innate understanding of energy, and perhaps even a powerful intuition. If you teach a 2 year old an om, he will use it when ever he feels stressed to naturally self regulate. When a child is 3 or 4, there is often a connection to joy and a self-confidence and knowing of self in "just being". One powerful function of yoga is to build in anchors to these positive states which wax and wane through the developmental wave. That way, they can be called upon as we grow up. That joy. That connection to source. That sense that "I have the right to be here" is always inside us. And yoga helps us build it deep, and call it forth when we need it.

Yoga Treasure Chest Explore the jewels of yoga that have always been inside you.  We focus on resources, tools and inner treasure, each week adding new pieces to a treasure box that will last a lifetime. Through yoga, dance, meditation, visualization, & relaxation we will practice tools for tapping into our ability to self-regulate, overcome obstacles, & thrive. Shine your inner diamond and rest in your infinite value.

Spring Transformations Finish off the school year with a sense of calmness and strength. Reinforce pride in all you have done! We will work through the images of nature and the new life of Spring to feel at home in our bodies and the Earth. Yoga helps us know how resourced and strong we truly are, letting us embrace transformation in a deeper way. Through yoga, meditation, relaxation, visualization, essential oils, stones & gems, we will explore the medicine of the Earth and the beauty around us and inside us.

What is Yoga? Yoga Book    This series allows students to explore what yoga, meditation and movement mean to them, and how these practices can help us engage more fully with the things we find important. Is it a healthy body for a sport? Focus for a musical instrument, science, or art? Super-hero courage? Or a way to understand life and self in a deeper way? Students will get a chance to feel & enjoy in many ways and will make their own book about yoga.