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Kids Yoga

People of all ages love yoga and benefit from yoga as a way to stay healthy and cultivate peace, well-being, and confidence. Does your child have an amazing energy, joy, creativity, or awareness? These classes are designed to allow kids to bring their whole selves and strengths to stretch into their dreams. We relate to both the deep wisdom in each child, and the playfulness - honoring the sacred and the silly. Yoga also provides a space that holds the depths, acknowledging that even young lives have had challenges and pain. These classes provide deep listening, love and also tools to deal with stress, work with the body, mind, and relationships, and help kids step into their power more fully and more often.


• 3:45 - 4:30 • Kids Yoga & Meditation • Ages 4 & 5 • with Megan Fuller

• 4:45 - 5:30 • Kids Yoga & Meditation • Ages 5 - 7 • with Megan Fuller

• 5:45 - 6:30 • Kids Yoga & Meditation • Ages 8 - 12 • with Megan Fuller

A Yoga Education

Some people say, "just let kids be kids," implying that meditation and yoga are somehow unnatural to children. But it is clear that kids have many capacities and parts. They can be silly and wild, AND they can be deeply nurturing and introspective. All of these parts can be supported to cultivate life long health. Whether this wildness turns to creativity and freedom or to disregard and chaos is a product of our environments and what is supported. Kids Yoga classes provide a space where things like kindness, integrity, commitment, peace, conscious self-expression, internal and external awareness are valued and socially supported. This is also a space that supports sensitivity to energy, imagination, and the invisible realms of life that often don't get the credit they deserve.

Each child brings their own belief systems, values, and ability to know. We learn to listen deeply, cultivate compassion and understanding of both self and other. When kids are young, there often seems to be an innate understanding of energy, and perhaps even a powerful intuition. If you teach a 2 year old an om, he will use it when ever he feels stressed to naturally self regulate. When a child is 3 or 4, there is often a connection to joy and a self-confidence and knowing of self in "just being". One powerful function of yoga is to build in anchors to these positive states which wax and wane through the developmental wave. That way, they can be called upon as we grow up. That joy. That connection to source. That sense that "I have the right to be here" is always inside us. And yoga helps us build it deep, and call it forth when we need it.


We also include daily yoga & meditation  in camps during school breaks. This allows kids a deep immersion where they get the experience of deep practice. 

• Parent & Me Yoga & Tumbling ages 18 months - 5 yrs will return soon.

Yoga at School we also teach yoga in preschools and schools. Contact Laura to find out more.