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Life Moves Through

Gymnastics, Yoga & Art Camps

Gymnastics, Yoga & Art Camps prioritize awareness and creativity. We create a space of imagination, love and play where kids can learn and build friendships and new skills. These are really special camps–combining yoga, gymnastics, different forms of art and dance, relaxation and meditation. They are dedicated to the amazingness of human ability and fun! With multiple days of practice, students really get a chance to see their progress and be comfortable. Each camp has a different theme where we dive into a world of learning together. Also, since our camps run through the City of Los Angeles, these beautiful camps come at a more affordable price. 

Camps are held at Westwood Recreation Center 1350 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Our camps run at school breaks throughout the year and are for ages 4.5 - 11. There is also a Leader in Training Program for ages 12 - 15, by permission only. Kids are divided into groups based on age and skill level. Most of the day, kids will be in small groups, but also will have time where we come together as a whole camp. Each day, students will practice yoga, gymnastics, movement and art. There will also be free play time and special activities. Magical things happen at these camps. Kids build confidence, connections, and healing happens as they step into their presence, strength, and ability to learn. Please bring a daily snack, lunch, and water. Come dressed for movement and leave technology at home. Please be sure to enroll early to ensure your spot and inform Laura of any special needs.

Camp Gratitude • November 19 - 21 (Monday - Wednesday)

Each Thanksgiving break, we will give your kids a lot to be grateful for! Gymnastic, yoga, art, and play, with an attitude of appreciation for all of the good things we have in life. On Wednesday, we will have a Thanksgiving Eve Pizza feast. To enroll, contact Westwood Recreation Center at (310) 473-3610

Half Day: Ages 4.5 - 12 • $150 per camper (includes early care 8 - 9am)
Full Day: Ages 6 - 12 • $180 per camper (includes early & late care, 8am - 5pm)
Leaders in Training: Ages 10 - 12 • $100 (requires permission & attendance at trainings)

Holiday Love • One-Day Camp in San Pedro
December 15th (Saturday)

Join us for this one-day camp celebrating community and holiday love. Two San Pedro neighbor businesses – Stacy Lauas’s Flipside Gymnastics and Vivian Blanco’s Casa Ayurveda and Yoga. Laura will be teaching yoga. This will be a beautiful day of yoga, gymnastics, togetherness, and joy!
Please click here to learn more and share to the San Pedro community.

Winter Wonderland Camp • December 17 - 20 (Monday - Thursday)

Let's get excited for Winter fun and connection. Gymnastics, Yoga, Art, & Play with themes of snow and joy. We will imagine sledding, ice skating, and crazy blizzards, then build your winter house and curl up by the fire with people you love. Winter holidays celebrate the light within and remind us of love. We will use yoga to rest in the connection and sweetness and gymnastics to bring the fun. On Thursday, we will have a special reindeer lunch and vegan hot chocolate buffet. 

Each week will include special activities including a picture day, either a pizza or ice cream  party. For some 4 day camps, there will be a showing on Thursday that family and friends are invited to attend. Each Monday, you'll receive a schedule of events. Each camp has half day (9am to 1pm) and full day (9am - 4pm) options. For some camps, extended care is available.  In the Summer, full day camp includes swimming options for ages 7 & up and optional Friday field trips.  Enrollment forms must be done in person only at Westwood Recreation Center. You can get your spot by phone or web click here, or call (310) 473-3610 

Email Laura at lifemovesthrough@gmail.com to receive 

Stay tuned for these other favorite themes. They will come around again!

Earth Power Camp

Let your kids get their hands dirty, and their hearts aligned to the magic that is always around them. For EarthPower Camp, we will focus on the nature, people, the Earth, and how connection to these things can balance and strengthen us. Many seeds will be planted this week - ones that grow flowers AND seeds in meditation to grow peace, adventure and love. We will do art outside. And have a special smoothie making day with all our favorite fruits and veggies! In a high tech world, this is a really cool camp.

Aloha Camp

Did you know that "Aloha" means "we share breath"? Really–Namaste and Aloha mean very much the same thing. It's about the place where we are all connected. We will journey from learning sacred hulas, to using hula to tell our own stories, and then on to surf style gymnastics. The spirit of Aloha is a perfect match for yoga as we weave life and tribe through lei making, and practice "hanging loose" to slow down and enjoy.          

Camp Camelot

Medieval knights, princesses, fairies, and happily-ever-after. Magic, court dances, and lots of ninja courses and gymnastics to conquer the dragons. A favorite theme of many kids, we will follow the hero's journey, and study the yoga of alchemy–transforming the led into gold.

For full day campers, this week includes the City of Los Angeles Camp Jamboree where all the city camps come together at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center for games and fun. The Jamboree is on Thursday, so there will be no show this week.

Namaste Circus

Yoga, gymnastics, acrobatics, juggling & art with the magic and imagination of the circus! The circus encourages some awesome attributes– imagination, courage, balance, trust, safety, and working together. Kids will learn the details and basics of safety, and then enter the magic of creativity. We will put all of these into action as we do circus virtue yoga, make masks, practice juggling and balancing, and make up a show together! 

Camp Hollywood

Lights, Camera, AWESOME! Tumbling, theater improvisation games, voice, and choreography from the early days of Hollywood to modern. This camp is all the good of Hollywood and performance: the cultivation of awareness, presence, and ever-expanding fun. Come be your all-singing, all-dancing, most radiant self! 

Spirit of Mount Olympus

This week, all the nations of the world come together in the spirit of the Olympics. We will bring in mythology of ancient Greece and the idea that Olympians were part human and part divine. In modern times, the Olympics represent a time when the world can come together in peace in a celebration of what is possible. Join us this week as we learn about the history of the games, and light the flame of your champion heart!  

Heart of Gold/Wild Wild Westwood      

Calling all cowboys, cowgirls, and cacti: this week will include an end of Summer country fair, love for California, and an adventure to remember the our hearts of gold. Yoga, Gymnastics, line dancing, and hobby horse riding! This will be a great end to the Summer.

I AM the artist Camp

This wonderful camp is focused on creativity, artistic techniques and expression. Take time to look, feel, dance, and weave it together in a way that only you can see. The focus will be on art as a way of participating in life: feeling different energies–from sweet, slow to powerful and strong–and coming to trust your own eye and heart.

Camp W 'Ninja Warrior'

Yoga awareness, capoeira for agility, gymnastics for safety and cat-like speed and reflexes–then put it all for an awesome American Ninja obstacle course! Great for high-energy kids, this camp will support students in finding their own ways to move and work with gravity and flow while also learning to receive coaching and ideas. 

Camp Valiant

Start the new year as the hero of your own life! Here is a camp for mystical and mythical heroes and heroines! All magical creatures, fairies, princesses, knights of the round table, and gods & goddesses are invited! We will celebrate the path that led us here and get excited for the journey that lies ahead! Each day has a theme focused on The Hero's Journey. We will weave the theme through gymnastics, yoga, dance and mythical art projects.