Annual Gymnastics Exhibition

Once each year, students have the opportunity to participate in the gymnastics exhibition. We study the USAG (United States Association of Gymnastics) routines. These routines come from the national training program–they are the same routines that Olympic gymnasts begin with. The experience of the exhibition lets students know that they are part of the beautiful lineage of gymnastics as an art and a sport. They are connected to gymnasts across the United States and throughout time. Learning the routines requires development of sequential memory, and attention to details in the simple things, rather than reaching for harder things. It also allows the students to witness their own process of learning–taking pride in accomplishment and efforts. We focus on understanding that there can be excellence at any level and pride in personal progress and coping skillfully with obstacles–physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Here are recordings of the floor routines with words. Please remember to practice safely :)

 The word “gymnastics” comes from ancient Greece. It refers to study of life and self through the body for the sake of health, and enjoyment. In ancient Greece, there was time for gymnastics everyday in school and places for movement and play in the courtyards of the cities. In its ancient forms, gymnastics contained within it many sports and was seen as the foundation for all spots. With the rise of the Roman Empire, gymnastics became a war art. However gymnastics continued in many cultures as a means for awareness, healing, and self-development. Today, gymnastics is most known as an Olympic sport. Even in its most competitive forms, it still requires wise cultivation of the mind and heart, as well as of the body. These classes are created from an understanding of gymnastics as a powerful medium for consciousness. The goal is to prepare students with tools for life as well as the physical and emotional foundations for any sport.