Community Breathwork & Meditation

Come together for connection, meditation, and breath. This by donation monthly circle reclaims health and aliveness as essential elements of community. It is based on the intention of bringing different people together, reminding us that we are not alone and that healing is as available as every breath. Whether you live near by or are passing through, let us build a community of souls. The future depends on the healing of each individual and on us knowing we are in it together.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”
— Mother Teresa

 with Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht. at The Moving Joint in Mar Vista. 21813 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Suggested donation: $12, no one is turned away for lack of funds

Breathwork is a powerful modality for healing that is gentle and accessible to all physical abilities. Each gathering will begin with a meditation and introduction to a topic. Participants are invited to consider how the topic resonates and there many be some conversation around it. We will then do about 40 - 45 minutes of the consciously connected breath followed by time to ground and land in meditation again. The technique of this form of breathwork will be instructed, so new people are welcome to join at any time. You may want to plan to come each month to recharge and build connections. Please do invite friends. Going with the community theme, please let Laura know if you would like to bring a snack or treat to share. 

Wednesday, July 25th, 7:00 - 8:30 pm*


In what ways are you seeking deeper connection? A spiritual idea says that we are always connected to everything we need. Yet, as life unfolds, there are certain connections that we need to rebuild and reclaim. Connection to yourself, connection to others, connection to the divine, connection to the ancestors, connection to resources–what is calling for you? In this circle, we will explore what sorts of connections are desired and release any barriers that might stand in the way. There is often a fear that dramatic changes are needed externally in order for us to get the connection we desire, but it is more often that the change needed is a more subtle shift from within. Through the consciously connected breath, we will amplify a space of love and release any barriers within our own hearts that used to keep us in separation. 

There are mats and yoga blankets in the space, but you are welcome to bring your own mats, blankets, and pillows. 

*Please arrive by 6:45 to settle in and connect.
We will start promptly at 7 as this is a short group and will send you sweetly home to bed.


You are welcome to donate in cash at the event or via Venmo. You can also use Paypal here. Donations are also welcome to help support this idea and to continue creating this space even for those who cannot pay.

No pre-enrollment required, but please do RSVP to Laura at if you can. You can use the Facebook event page  to "invite" your friends. Since this is a community event and by donation, your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated. 



More about the breath:
The breath is oxygen. However, mixed with our intention, it is also life, light, and love. Just as oxygen is essential to our cells, the experience of life flowing is yearned for by our spirit. Breathwork allows us to heal our most fundamental relationships: our relationships to ourselves, the universe, god, and life itself. Even if trust has been broken, the one thing you can trust is your own breath. This philosophy allows you to reclaim your own wisdom, letting go of what is done and coming into new life. Healing through the breath is especially powerful to shift a system that was designed to take away our health and happiness and then sell it back to us. That is why the concept of Breath Free is essential. Contribute financially in any way you can, but know that healing is already given. Let us start from the ground up, reclaiming peace, health, love, and our own wholeness as our birthrights. 

The term "Breathwork" refers to the technique of the "consciously connected breath." There are many forms and styles and Clarity Breathwork uses it in a very gentle way. It is not the usual pranayamas, nor a way to breathe in daily life, but a means to release blockages so that all other ways of breathing will become more natural. This form of breath evokes a non-ordinary state of consciousness that facilitates healing. This can happen through the experience of bliss, through emotional release, insight, or expanded awareness. This gentle form emphasizes your ability to welcome everything that arises. Learning this capacity of the heart is the true nectar.

Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht. is a writer, therapist, and somatic educator who has studied body, mind and spirit healing arts for twenty years. She has a Bachelors in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA with emphasis in Dance, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute with emphasis in Depth Psychology, and is a certified hypnotherapist, a certified therapeutic imagery practitioner, a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and a somatic-based therapist. For thirteen years, Laura has worked one on one with people to support their healing and transformation through the wisdom of the body, spirit and breath. This community group is an application of somatic philosophies, holding that health and wholeness should be the rights of all and that psychology must reach out an change the world.

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Clarity Breathwork is a form that is gentle, safe, and also extremely powerful. It encourages us to practice self-love and welcome all that arises so that it can heal. It releases stress and toxins from the body, and limitations from our energy and mind. It takes us all the way back to our first breath, putting us in contact with the sacred tasks of this life. Breathwork is a beautiful way to heal and deepen your meditaiton and spiritual practice. It is also wonderful to connect with community in this way. Please bring your friends. Beginners are welcome.

This technique is powerful physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Benefits of Clarity Breathwork include:

• Releases stress and increases energy, aliveness and sense of well-being
•Releases toxins from the cells of the body: 70% of toxins are released through the breath, so when you breath more, you release more
• Allows old emotions, memories and past traumas to arise and release in a safe, gentle way. 
• Access and transforn the source of dis-ease by understanding the underlying resonances
• Understand relationship issues by embracing and healing old wounds of abandonment, rejection and loss
• Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about one's path and purpose
• Heals the wound of imagined separation
• Increases the experience of peace and surrender
• Allows a feeling of being connected to–and caring for–yourself, the earth, the universe, and all beings
• Transcends the mind and emotions and supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are