Yoga, Gymnastics & Art Camps are a space of imagination, creativity, love & learning where kids can build friendships and new skills. These are really special camps - combining yoga, gymnastics, art, dance, relaxation, meditation - dedicated to the amazingness of human ability and fun! With several days of practice, students really get a chance to see their progress and be comfortable. Each camp has a different theme, where we dive into an imagination world together. With each theme, we study different things - different practices in yoga, gymnastics, & health, different forms of dance, and different styles of art. Camps are offered at school breaks throughout the year. Camps are held during Summer, Thanksgiving, Winter & Spring Breaks around Southern California.  For info on upcoming schedule and themes, please email Laura at

Next Up: Summer 2016

   San Pedro, CA - Flipside Gymnastics Journey Thursday Yoga + Gymnastics workshops with Laura Fuller & Stacy Lauas.  Thursdays 6/16, 6/23, 7/14, 7/21 10am - 12 noon. Ages 7-13 $28 per day

Los Angeles, CA - **Still in the works - email me at and I'll let you know when it is set.  Westwood Recreation Center 9am - 1pm Yoga, Gymnastics, Art, Dance & Imagination. $170 per child per week. With Laura Fuller, Joyce Layco, & Gregory Barnett

Campers ages 5 - 12 (4 yr olds by permission) and Assistants in Training ages 13 - 15 -- participants in this special program are accepted by permission only and are part campers and part assistants in training.

(tentative) Week 1 - July 25 - 29-  Namaste Circus
(tentative) Week 2 - August 1 - 5 -  Spirit of Mount Olympus

For enrollment & questions contact Laura at or 310)753-3386


Camp Descriptions - check out these awesome themes and watch for them come back around again!

Namaste Circus Yoga, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Juggling & Art with the magic and imagination of the circus! The circus encourages some awesome attributes - creativity, imagination, courage, balance, trust, and working together. We will put all of these into action as we do circus virtue yoga, make masks, practice juggling and balancing, and make up a show together! We will also have a big top day of fun! Kids will be divided into groups based on age & skill level.

Aloha Camp Did you know that "Aloha" means "we share breath"? Really, Namaste and Aloha mean very much the same thing. We will journey from learning sacred hulas, to using hula to tell our own stories, and then on to surfer style beach parties for extra island fun. There will be ocean love, pirates, mermaids, and weaving of life and tribe through lei making. The spirit of Aloha is a perfect match for yoga as we practice "hanging loose", learning to slow down and enjoy. There is also a really great ocean mindfulness art project.

Camp Gratitude This Thanksgiving break, we will give your kids A LOT to be grateful for! Yoga, gymnastics, dance, art and play  - with an attitude of appreciation for all the good things we have in life. Throughout the 3 days, we make a gratitude tree to connect us to the magic of nature and the magic of a grateful heart.

Valiant Camp   At the end of the year, here is a camp for mystical and mythical heroes & heroines! All magical creatures, super heroes, fairy tales, gods & goddesses are invited! We will celebrate our journey and be the heroes of our own lives. Each day starts with yoga focused on The Hero's Journey, then warrior gymnastics, magical dance, and a mythical collage project. Day 1 is about the call to the journey, day 2 is about our helpers - both ones we physically know and ones that are magical, Day 3 is carrying the jewel from the cave and celebrating the gifts of the journey. We will have an end-of-the-year Hero's celebration and feast - thanking the year that has passed and making toasts to the year to come.

Earth Power CampYoga, Gymnastics and Art with a focus on the power the Earth, Nature, and people. We will do yoga with essential oils and stones from the earth to study how connection to nature can balance and strengthen us. We will plant plants - tending seeds to grow flowers AND seeds in meditation to grow peace and love. There will be gymnastics, creative movement, and a special smoothie making day. In a high tech world, this is a really cool camp. Let your kids get their hands dirty, and their hearts aligned to the magic that is always around them.

Camp Hollywood Lights, Camera, AWESOME! Yoga will include practices in voice and presence, letting your inner star shine through. We will experience learning choreography with older kids doing a hip hop routine and younger kids learning a musical number. We will also get some on-camera experience with a professional acting workshop emphasizing showing who you are and whats important to you. In creative movement, we will make compositions using the elements of space, shape, and story. This camp is all the good of Hollywood and performance with lots of creativity and passion!