Breathwork Circle: Birth Impressions

September 23rd, 3:00 - 5:45 pm with Laura Fuller at The Moving Joint in Mar Vista

The breath is oxygen. However, mixed with our intention, it is also life, light, and love. Just as oxygen is essential to our cells, the experience of life flowing is yearned for by our spirit. Breathwork allows us to heal our most fundamental relationships: our relationships to ourselves, the universe, god, and life itself.

This circle will be an introduction to the theories behind breathwork and an exploration of the impressions and resonances are left in our bodies, lives, and energy from experiences throughout life - all the way back to birth. These residues, when not completed and unresolved, can lead to repetition of experiences, situations, illnesses, or challenge. Breathwork provides a tool for energy from the past to be completed, resonances to be cleared, and life to flow where it may not have flowed for a while. Situations of your birth are viewed as a window to understand the tasks of this life. Traumas through out life are also seen as revelations of karmas that, when recognized, can be transformed and gifts activated. Mythological astrologer, Caroline W. Casey says, "Replace the word 'trauma' with 'my dangerous, beautiful mission." Meaning that these situations must be handled with great care for their pain AND also seen initiations to learning of higher truths. 

This circle is perfect for those trying breathwork for the first time and for those with experience. Each individual will be supported to work with what is arising for them. Whether you come with something in particular to heal or are drawn forward by a curiosity of for the mysteries of self and reality, this will be a sweet space to explore. Please come and invite your friends. 

Led by Laura Fuller, M.A., C.Ht.

$30 pre-enrollment, $40 the day of.
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The term "Breathwork" refers to the technique of the "consciously connected breath." There are many forms and styles and this one uses it in a very gentle way. It is not the usual pranayamas, nor a way to breathe in daily life, but a means to release blockages so that all other ways of breathing will become more natural. This form of breath evokes a non-ordinary state of consciousness that facilitates healing. This can happen through the experience of bliss, through emotional release, insight, or expanded awareness. This gentle form emphasizes your ability to welcome everything that arises. Learning this capacity of the heart is the true nectar.

Clarity Breathwork is a form that is gentle, safe, and also extremely powerful. It encourages us to practice self-love and welcome all that arises so that it can heal. It releases stress and toxins from the body, and limitations from our energy and mind. It takes us all the way back to our first breath, putting us in contact with the sacred tasks of this life. Breathwork is a beautiful way to heal and deepen your meditaiton and spiritual practice. It is also wonderful to connect with community in this way. Please bring your friends. Beginners are welcome.

This technique is powerful physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Benefits of Clarity Breathwork include:

• Releases stress and increases energy, aliveness and sense of well-being
•Releases toxins from the cells of the body: 70% of toxins are released through the breath, so when you breath more, you release more
• Allows old emotions, memories and past traumas to arise and release in a safe, gentle way. 
• Access and transforn the source of dis-ease by understanding the underlying resonances
• Understand relationship issues by embracing and healing old wounds of abandonment, rejection and loss
• Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about one's path and purpose
• Heals the wound of imagined separation
• Increases the experience of peace and surrender
• Allows a feeling of being connected to–and caring for–yourself, the earth, the universe, and all beings
• Transcends the mind and emotions and supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are

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